About me


Hallo! My name is Miguel, I live in Stuttgart (Germany), and I work as an International Consultant in Mercedes-Benz Consulting.

“Nothing easy is rewarded.”

–Miguel Muñoz de Morales

What is this all about?

If you are an entrepreneur and you are interested in the world of economy and business, this is your blog. In this space I share my ideas, knowledge and concerns, and I try to analyse current issues to know the world around us a little better.

Why this name?

According to the RAE (Real Academia Española de la Lengua):


(Of the lat. Cultūra).

2. f. Set of knowledge that allows someone to develop its critical judgment.


(Of lat. Negotĭum).
1. m. Occupation or work.
2. m. Dependency, pretense, treaty or agency.
3. m. That which is the object or matter of a lucrative occupation or of interest.
4. m. Action and effect of negotiating.
5. m. Utility or interest that is achieved in what is dealt, traded or intended.
6. m. Place where it is negotiated or traded.

This blog is not only about making money and being a business wolf, it goes beyond because without culture and values, money worths nothing. The ultimate goal of this website is to have both, you and I, a tool to be more critical and better know what happens each day around us.

My story

I have always been interested in strategy and business, and I got involved in developing entrepreneurship projects at the beginning of the career. I have studied and analyzed hundreds of web pages and books on business management, marketing, business models… attended courses, known wonderful people (most) and others not so wonderful (at least in the circumstances in that I knew them, but thanks to which I have grown to more forced marches). I have also spent hours in front of the computer by customising WordPress templates or blogger, fighting against excel templates, reading photoshop tutorials and despairing of Google’s SEO to learn and take forward projects online and offline.

All these experiences have also led me to participate in competitions of business projects, where I have always participated with great teams. In all of them, we have achieved important achievements, I also continue developing ideas, maybe we are in one, or perhaps you and I work together, who knows 😉

Places where you can find me: in the countryside with the bike or running, in the gym, in the pool or the basketball court.

If you share my ideas or you want to give your opinion about them, and you are willing to learn … Welcome to Culturaynegocios.net!

Do not forget to say hello!

If there is something I can help you with, or if you want to talk to me, do not hesitate to contact me.