International management strategy


Comparative between the strategic profile of the international and the no international company, in blue the international company and in red the no-international. Based on the coherence Matrix® by Dr Félix Cuesta.

The internationalization of the company is a vital activity since we live in a competitive and globalized world. Strategies that the leading companies are taking are increasing in sophistication, computerisation and detailing, and to compete we must leave the domestic market to reach new clients, experience and knowledge, which, combined with the implemented strategies, will make the difference between success and failure.


In his bachelor thesis, Miguel Muñoz de Morales did a study of companies that are working in the sector of professional services based in Madrid, being a key player in the future of the Spanish economy, due to the great added value it provides. In addition to the multiple case studies on strategies shown at this thesis. He has developed conclusions and recommendations relevant for professionals who keep in mind the internationalisation of their company, or for those who want to improve their results by reshaping its strategy and investments to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.


The main goal was to develop understanding recommendations, about how to implement and develop strategies of internationalisation and management in the company in line with the new economic context.




Score: 10/10




Consultancy sector, management, internationalization, business strategy


June 2015-April 2016